he’s over 1 foot taller than i and prob weighs over 200 lb and also has star platinum i think he’ll be fine but either way stands on a chair and pets his head uwu

literally same

comradejotaro replied to your post: when did it become cool 2 hate jotaro …

who is hatin jotaro looks out to sea through telescope

i feel like we should start a jotaro protection squad or smth but quite frankly he can probably take care of himself lmaooo

when did it become cool 2 hate jotaro i am saddened


jonathan- nicest jojo

joseph- funniest jojo

johnny- most moe jojo

jolyne- most badass jojo

josuke- most beautiful jojo

giorno- jojo most like greek nonfat yogurt: pleasant but bland

jotaro- most likely jojo to finish the entire thing of oreos and then put the empty container back on the shelf for someone else to find and be disappointed like the little asshole he is


I hate this website so much shoutout to ppl who deleted




The samples arrived. Mmm PERFECT :)


when ur battling ice type pokemon



*turns light off* *remembers a creepypasta* *turns light back on*


About to go to puppy pre school 🐶💖

i picked up so much stupid slang from this website that i cant get rid of wtf